Welcome to the third installment of Writing Wednesday! This is a new weekly feature at Cask & Quill where we will be trying out writing prompts, sharing our experiences and helping to inspire and encourage each other. All experience levels welcome! To learn more, see the introductory post here.



Let’s all try Haiku together this week! To refresh on the parameters, a haiku is generally accepted to be a short poem of three lines, typically using the natural world as a subject. A haiku’s lines have five, seven and five syllables in the first, second and third lines. So the first line has five syllables, the second seven and the third five syllables. Haiku rarely is rhyming.


Here’s an example from yours truly:


A chill in the air,

Frosty leaves and matted grass;

Spring has sprung again.


Don’t get stuck on the syllables, if you’re finding it difficult. Traditional Japanese Haiku is tough to translate into matching English syllables and, as you can see in the photo above, the count doesn’t always come out the same. Simply focus on keeping it short and sticking close to the pattern I mentioned. Feel free to look up some more examples if you need some help getting started!


Today’s Prompt

Try writing your own haiku or two (or three!) on whatever subject interests you today. You can try to stick to a more traditional nature theme, or something else! Let go of the need to be perfect; just write something real.



Write or copy your haiku into the comment box below so we can be inspired by you! Share your haiku on Instagram! Pair a photo with what you’ve written and share it using #QuillClub. You’re more than welcome to tag me @caskandquill.

If you’re not feeling up to sharing what you’ve written, that’s okay! You can still participate by checking in with a comment or sharing an IG photo of your notebook or something. Let us know how it went or what you learned from this week’s exercise!


Happy writing!




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4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday: Haiku”

  1. Two more shots at Haiku from me:

    Sun sets in the east
    and the rooster crows at dusk;
    everything is fine.

    Waves embrace the shore,
    like old friends meeting again
    or lovers parting.

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