A Game of Thrones book cover, George R.R. Martin

Welcome to Writing Wednesday! On the first Wednesday of the month, Cask & Quill and its readers take some time to try out a writing prompt. This is a chance to get some practice, share our experiences and encourage one another to write. All experience levels are welcome!


Today’s Prompt

Come up with your own house words and describe your sigil.

With the approach of Game of Thrones season seven on July 16, I thought it’d be fun to have a themed writing practice this month. Imagine yourself into Westeros and create your own house. It can be one that represents you and/or your real family, or it can be something you just think would be cool. What would your sigil look like? What animal or symbol would be on it? In what colors? What phrase speaks for your house?



Write or copy your writing into the comment box below so we can be inspired by you! And/or take it to Instagram! Pair a photo with what you’ve written and share it using #QuillClub. Please tag me @caskandquill if you like!

If you’re not feeling up to sharing what you’ve written, that’s okay! You can still participate by checking in with a comment or sharing an IG photo of your notebook or something. Let us know how it went or what you learned from this week’s exercise!


Happy writing!




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