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Welcome to Writing Wednesday! This is a weekly feature at Cask & Quill where we try out writing prompts, share our experiences and inspire and encourage each other to write. All experience levels are welcome! Check out the introductory post here.

Today’s Prompt

Write a haiku about work.


You can write about your job, working in general, what it means to work, variations on a work-ish theme…whatever! Be as disparaging as you please. I promise not to show your boss… 🙂


See the first post for a reminder on the guidelines of Haiku, if you need it! In brief: three lines of five, seven and five syllables.


Write or copy your haiku into the comment box below so we can be inspired by you! And/or take it to Instagram! Pair a photo with what you’ve written and share it using #QuillClub. Please tag me @caskandquill if you like!

If you’re not feeling up to sharing what you’ve written, that’s okay! You can still participate by checking in with a comment or sharing an IG photo of your notebook or something. Let us know how it went or what you learned from this week’s exercise!


Happy writing!




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