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Come catch up with me and take a look at what I read this past month as well as what’s coming up for next month’s goals and events.

Summer is here and June has come and gone. The thing about summer in Minnesota is it takes forever to appear and then it’s gone before you know it. I rarely cry over this because that means the coming of my favorite season, fall! But it does mean that I try not to take summers for granted. Even if I simply feel lucky not to have to wear a coat when I’m leaving the house, I try to appreciate the nicer weather while it’s here. Even though, for my taste, it’s often a bit too warm. 🙂 That said, reading outside is such a nice pastime when it’s nice out. The best way to do it is on a screened porch. You’re protected from too much breeze ruffling your pages. Bugs aren’t getting in your business. You’re somewhat shaded from the sun. But you still get all the sights and sounds of the outdoors. Here’s to more outdoor reading!


So, at this point I have all but given up on completing my list of 30 books to read before turning 30. At least, I’ve given up trying to finish them before I actually turn 30. It was getting to be too much and I wasn’t enjoying the process. I don’t want to make myself hate these books. I put them on the list because I hoped to read and enjoy them. But the pressure of speeding through so many classic books just wasn’t fun after a while. So I picked up a few other things this month that I was drawn to. And I don’t feel the least bit badly about that! It was a fun experiment to try to finish those 30 books in a year and I have made a decent amount of progress. Who knows, I might even get another done by mid-July, but I’m not too bothered.


June 2018 Reads:
  1. Beloved, Toni Morrison
  2. Names for the Sea, Sarah Moss
  3. Ulysses, James Joyce
  4. Divine Comedy, Dante (started)
  5. A Feast for Crows, George R.R. Martin (started)



Monthly Favorites

Being perfectly honest, I wasn’t blown away by a lot of the books I read this month. As I mentioned earlier, I think I was burning out a little on my 30×30 list. I don’t know if I didn’t enjoy the books as much because I was burning out or if I was burning out because I wasn’t enjoying them. Maybe some of both? But you know what never disappoints? A Song of Ice and Fire. I started A Feast for Crows this month and won’t finish it until July sometime, but even still it’s been my favorite read of this month. Even the books where not as much happens are still so entertaining to me. Not to mention I get so many good craft and recipe ideas from these books. It’s breathed new life into my creative soul. 🙂


Divine Comedy illustration Gustave Dore


I also started Dante’s Divine Comedy this month and have really been enjoying it! Plus, I’m reading an edition with Gustave Doré’s incredible illustrations. I did set it aside briefly, needing a bit of a break (and a GoT fix), but look forward to completing it soon. Funny that both my favorites from the month are books I haven’t even finished yet. I don’t think that’s happened before!



June Events

This was a pretty quiet month in terms of events for me, both bookish and otherwise. I had the opportunity to visit the arboretum near where I live and spend half a day wandering around beautiful gardens. I thought I’d get a bit of drawing done, but that just wasn’t working out well for me. It was too windy. For some reason I am really bothered by too much wind? It’s kind of pathetic. Even if my hair is up and not whipping around in my eyes and mouth, if there’s too strong a breeze on my skin I have trouble focusing or being calm. It’s like trying to do something when there’s a loud TV or radio on. Somehow those things are just really jarring to my brain. If you ever want to piss me off, point a fan at me and turn up the volume to 11 while I’m focusing on something. 🙂 I did take a lot of lovely photos of flowers and landscapes there, however. (Including the Jurassic Park photo below!) And it was just pleasant to spend time outside with my family in such a beautiful setting.


Jurassic Park book cover, trex necklace


At the end of May I started a yoga challenge, which finished at the end of this month. It was 30 days of yoga, hosted by Adriene of Yoga With Adriene on YouTube. It was a really fun experience and I enjoyed building 20-30 minutes of yoga into my daily life. I’m definitely not what I’d call tough, haha, but I do feel a lot stronger than when I started! Not difficult, as my limbs were basically sentient spaghetti noodles, but STILL. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I got right started on a new 31-day challenge of the same nature. If you’ve ever thought of trying it out, I’d recommend it! You can start anytime you wish and it’s an easy way to create a healthy habit.


Looking Ahead

In July I am traveling to Iceland with a dear friend of mine. It’s something of a birthday excursion, for both of us. Not that you had any doubts, but YES, I am planning to check out some GoT filming locations while there! And puffins, of course. If you live in Iceland or plan to be there in July, let me know! I’d love to meet you and get something to eat!


What was the best thing you read in June? Or what about so far this year, now that we’re halfway through? Let me know!




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