If you’re like me, you love decorating for holidays. Any of them! Wandering the seasonal aisles at Target is a dangerous thing. There are too many adorable and festive decorations to throw in the cart. Even if it’s all on sale, it adds up so quickly! Then of course you have to find a spot to store all that stuff during the rest of the year. Sure it brings you joy and makes staying inside on these cold winter nights extra homey, but isn’t there another way?

This year, why not try using some of the things you already have around the house to create that cozy Christmas atmosphere? Try using the books from your shelf to create scenes of holiday cheer in every corner of your home. Take a look at the ideas below for some bookish holiday inspiration!


Do you have any wintry or Christmasy books hidden on your shelves? Now’s the perfect time to get those out and display them. Maybe there’s a winter scene on the front cover that would look nice set out on the coffee table. It’s a simple and subtle way to bring some festivity to the room.


Whether or not you’re putting up a tree in your home this year, you can make a tiny book tree quite easily! Gather up a stack of green books (or whatever color you choose!) and pile them up from tallest to shortest. Then wrap a string of lights around the books, making it look like a little Christmas tree! Strings of battery operated lights like these are shorter and thin, which works perfect for this project, but any lights will do. Make it extra special and find something like an angel, star or other decoration to set atop the pile. You might even pull a few decorations off the big tree to lend to your new little book tree! Loop string or a hook through a small ornament and tuck the other end between two of the books. Voila! Your bookish Christmas tree is complete!


Take a book or a whole stack and wrap them up in ribbon, like a package. Dig into your gift wrapping supplies and see if you have some ribbon leftover from last year. You can do this with a jumble of random books or get creative and make a festive color theme. Set them out as a centerpiece for the table or tuck them in a corner on the floor.


Gather some pine cones or greenery and stack some books up on shelves, the mantle or other flat surfaces around the house. Distribute the pine cones among the books to bring some winter beauty inside your warm home.

Raiding your bookshelf makes it easy and inexpensive to create an air of festivity. Plus, it gives you a chance to display your creativity and your love of literature!

What books would be perfect for holiday decorating? Can you think of another way to use books in your seasonal decor? Show photos of how you’ve decorated by tagging @caskandquill on Instagram!




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