Lord of the Rings script computer decal

The idea of seamlessly blending literary obsessions into daily life is basically the cornerstone of Cask & Quill. I’d like to live in a world where the line between my reading and the rest of my life is so blurry that it almost doesn’t exist. This can be a taller order than it might sound like on the surface. How does one begin to fold their fandom into the everyday? Sometimes it’s appropriate or even called-for to let your fandom flag fly high and proud in the most overt way possible. But other times you might want to be more low-key nerdy. I’m here with some suggestions for the latter situation. The times where professionalism, style or subtlety are important, but you still want to let ’em know.

I always love those interactions where you get to acknowledge another fan because one of you is subtly repping your favorite fandom. It’s like a secret handshake. Let’s take a look at some options.



I personally think computer decals are such a great way to show a little touch of fandom pride without screaming it from the rooftops (though, by all means, if the moment calls for it, do you). You can also get a decal for your phone or car, if that’s more your speed.

Lord of the Rings script computer decal

You can of course get a design that’s more obvious, but there are plenty of symbols available for that under-the-radar look. Plus, any symbol you’d get as a decal for your computer or car could just as easily be a tattoo if you really want!

Harry Potter decal and nail art deathly hallows

By the way, see this deathly hallows nail art here.

Graphic Shirts

Similarly, those same designs can be put into rotation in the style of a graphic shirt. One of my favorite subtle fandom symbols is the geometric Deathly Hallows symbol (if you couldn’t tell).

Deathly Hallows shirt, book and nail art



In addition to a decal or a shirt, maybe a pin for your jacket, hat or bag would also be good! There are tons of adorable pins available on Etsy and elsewhere. The Smaug Book Wyrm pin below from the shop RatherKeen is a favorite of mine!

Book Warm Smaug pin from RatherKeen on Etsy.com
Etsy.com / shop: RatherKeen



Throw pillows are really having a fandom moment and I can see why. Instead of “live, laugh, love” scrawled across your pillow cover, why not opt for a quote or design from your favorite book series?

Lord of the Rings pillow


Framed Art

Scripted quotes and literary art prints are so beautiful and there are so many wonderful artists offering these on Etsy. Ordering and framing one might be just the touch your reading corner needs.

Lord of the Rings art and quote


Literary Candles

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a semi-serious literary candle problem. They’re such a great way to immerse yourself in a book or fandom. Why should your eyes have all the fun?!

Frostbeard Studio Midsummer's Dream bookish candle inspired by Shakespeare

My favorite shop is Frostbeard (local to me!) and they are basically the OGs in the bookish candle department.

Ravenclaw house nails for Harry Potter anniversary

Hogwarts house nails can be found here.


Inspired Style

This is basically a low-key dress-up party for one. It’s not on the level with cosplay, but it’s using a character, location or theme to create an outfit. Let yourself be inspired by your favorite fandom when you’re getting ready in the morning. What might one of the characters wear? How can you channel that into today’s outfit? You might be familiar with DisneyBounding. Essentially, it’s the same concept. Like this handmaid outfit, it’s another perfect way to give a subtle nod to your fandom of choice.

The Handmaid's Tale outfit

Nail Art

If you’ve spent much time on this site, you’ve probably come across my literary nail designs. It’s one of my favorite ways to pay homage to the stories and characters that I love, without being too obvious. If you can’t wear your Game of Thrones shirt to the office, you can sure paint some dragon eggs on your nails, damnit.

Dragon Egg Nails, Game of Thrones


What other ways can you think of to show off your fandom without being too obvious?




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