Stephen King's It nail art

The newest movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It comes out today, September 8. Keep from biting your nails out of fear at the theater this weekend by painting a sweet King design on them!

This design is just the right amount of creepy and simple enough for any King fan to try. 🙂


Red balloon clown nails, Stephen King's It


You’ll Need:
  • white nail polish
  • red nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • thin brush for details
  1. After your base coat is completely dry, paint each nail with a solid white for a background. You may need more than one coat.
  2. Once the white is dry, choose a nail to paint the red balloon on. Carefully dot on red polish with the nail brush or use a fine tipped detail brush. Start small and work outward, shaping your balloon. Don’t forget the little tie at the bottom!
  3. Next, using a thin brush, trail the string of the balloon down from the tie off the edge of the nail with black polish.
  4. On your thumb, paint a big red nose and mouth. Wait for that to dry.
  5. Using a fine brush or toothpick and working carefully, dot on some teeth with white polish. Start from the center and work outward on the top row. Then start from the center of the bottom row.
  6. Let the entire design dry for a GOOD WHILE before finishing everything off with a top coat. Honestly, this step is the hardest part, but also the most essential. As I’ve mentioned before, other colors very noticeably bleed or streak onto white if you’re not careful (and sometimes even when you are). Even after drying them for a whole day, this can still happen. Be sure to start with a generous amount of top coat on the brush and gently dab it down over the colorful portions.You want to get a nice layer down so that you’re not going to drag the color across the nail. Only pass over the nail once with the brush, against to reduce dragging the color.


Clown face It nail art, Stephen King


Now you’re ready to float, too!




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