Springtime Daisy Nails

Give this sweet springtime floral design a try! Floral everything is all the rage right now. Of course that includes floral nails! This is a good beginner floral design. It’ll take a little patience, but the end result is so cute. Even though the design is fairly simple, it makes a big impression. I am wearing this design on my nails this week and have received a bunch of compliments on them. Read on to learn how to create your own springy daisy nails!


You’ll Need:

  • background nail polish color of choice
  • white polish
  • yellow polish
  • nail stylus or bobby pin



  1. As always, start with a nice clear coat. Once that’s dry, paint on however many coats your chosen background color needs to look solid. Give those ample time to dry.
  2. Using your nail stylus, carefully dot the white polish onto the nail in a circle to create your petals. I found the smaller I made the flowers, the easier they were to create. If you try to drag the polish with the stylus to create larger petals, you’re likely going to run into some trouble. Repeat this step as many times as you’d like on as many nails as you’d like to get your desired look. Be sure to clean your stylus or tool frequently as you go to keep your designs sharp. I like to keep a cotton ball with a little polish remover on it nearby for this.
  3. Once your petals are painted and dried, go through and dot a yellow center on each.
  4. You’ve got a fair amount of layers going at this point, so be sure to give your nails a nice long time to dry and harden sufficiently. If you apply the topcoat too soon, you will see streaking from your petals onto your background color. As I’ve mentioned before, it helps to pat the topcoat on at first so the brush isn’t dragging across your design as much.


This design can be altered in so many ways to create endless combinations. Try different color daisies, an ombre background, or a line of daisies along the nail tip! If you like the background color I used, you can find NYC’s Mint’ed on Broadway at Amazon, but much cheaper at Target or a drugstore. My favorite bright yellow is Sally Hansen’s Lightening. And the white I have now is the white from Sinful Colors, which can be found easily at Target for about $2.


Happy Spring!




What’s your favorite springtime nail? Any ideas for me to try?


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