Spooky Eyes Halloween Nails

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love creepy stuff (though I hate to be scared). And almost nothing brings me more joy than pulling together the perfect costume. What’s one of the best parts of Halloween? Okay, yeah, Reese’s pumpkins. But what else?! Halloween nails, of course! These nails remind me of a book I had as a child where spooky, glow-in-the-dark eyes were peering out all over a neighborhood. Spoiler alert: it ends up being a bunch of cats.

This one is a little tough as far as beginner nail art goes, so if you have trouble don’t get discouraged. Just take it off and start again! Or maybe it’s okay if one of your creatures has a little bit of a wonky eye…

You’ll need: 

  • black polish
  • 1-5 bright colored polish(es)
  • tiny brush, stylus, or makeshift nail tool
  • patience


  1. Start off simple with a clear base and however many coats of black you need to create an even backdrop. Let that dry for a while. Seriously, I recommend a whole day if you can spare it.
  2. Next comes the ticklish part! Using your brush or stylus and the polish you picked out, carefully draw two little eye shapes on each nail. I shaped mine with pointed outer corners, but whatever shape you like or are capable of is fine! I made my eyes all different colors, but you can just choose one or two, if you’d like. Just make sure they’re bright enough to contrast well against the black (yellow, white, orange, etc).
  3. After your eyes have had ample time to dry, it’s time to dot the pupils in with a clean brush/stylus. Again, you can shape these however you’d like. I put my pupils right up at the top because I thought it made for a more sinister look. Then let those peepers dry! Like forever! Can’t stress drying time enough. The last thing you want after all that careful tinkering is to end up with a big streak across your gorgeous black backdrop.
  4. Throw that top coat on, ghoul-friend. You’ve earned it. Now doesn’t that make everything look so much more polished and shiny? You bet it does.



Did you try these? Well, how’d it turn out? Anyone else have some favorite Halloween nail designs? Please share below!


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