Star Wars Space Nail Art

SPACE! Who isn’t fascinated by it? These nails are the perfect way to show off your love of spacey sci-fi and fantasy with the universe on your fingertips. There are many cool space scenes that you could try and if you’re feeling adventurous, why not give it a try? But I chose to show this classic black and white style, which would be easier for someone new to nail art. If you want, you could use this as a backdrop and add a planet or moon (or space station) to the scene.

This design is fairly simple to complete with a light hand, but be warned that it does take a while to get all those little stars in place.


Sci-fi space starts nail art

You’ll Need
  • black or dark blue nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • nail stylus or small brush
  • top coat


  1. After putting on a base coat, paint a coat or two of the black polish onto each nail to create a solid background.
  2. Once that is dry, come in with the white and use your small brush or other nail tool to create TINY dots on your nail. Go slowly and alternate the sizing of the dots considerably to create the illusion of depth. Spread them out so that they aren’t packed onto the nail. And group a few together here and there. Avoid uniform sizing or spacing. Try to make it look as random as possible.
  3. After your stars have dried, and I mean like a day later, CAREFULLY paint a top coat over the nail. The white is going to want to drag across the black in streaks, marring your beautiful spacescape, so make sure to minimize friction between the brush and the white dots by loading up your brush with enough top coat. I suggest almost patting it across the surface of the nail, getting a generous layer down and then quickly brushing it smooth before it starts to dry.


Star Wars sci-fi space nail design


And that’s it! Once they’re dry you can enjoy your space nails along with a movie or book of your choosing!




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