Simple Alice in Wonderland Nail Art

Happy Birthday, Alice! Last year I showed you the playing card nail design I did inspired by Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts. Those are a bit tricky, but super fun once they’re done. If you feel like that’s too much fuss for you, here’s a simple Alice-inspired design that would be great for any beginner! It’s inspired by her blue dress and black headband bow in the Disney adaptation.


You’ll Need:
  • light blue polish
  • black polish
  • thin brush or nail stylus


  1. After your base coat, simply paint your nails as you normally would using the blue polish.
  2. Once your nails have dried completely, paint a small bow on each of your ring fingers using a thin brush or stylus and the black polish. Work slowly and make sure you don’t have too much polish on your brush or it may create a blob.
  3. After that’s dried completely, hit it with a good top coat and you’re set!


That’s all! Very simple. The bow can be tricky, but you can make it look however you want or however you think it might be easiest to paint.


While we’re on the topic of Alice, you might be interested in checking out the details from the Queen of Hearts iced tea party I put together for my mom last year on Mother’s Day.




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