Authors and Publishers

This is not a book review website, but I often feature the books I have been reading at and on my social media accounts. If you wish to send me a copy of a book you think I will be interested in, contact me and I will be happy to send you my address.

Note: Unfortunately, Cask & Quill does not accept self-published books at this time.

Work With Me

I am happy to consider working with you on a sponsored post, brand partnership or advertising either on or any of my social media accounts. Reach out to discuss if you are interested in that possibility.

If you have any other questions, please visit my contact page and I will do my best to answer them!


Editing & Proofreading

I provide a full range of content editing services. Depending on the stage your project is in, any number of these services may be useful to you. Contact me so we can discuss what would be the best fit. Read on for a description of the services I offer!

Project Planning/Developmental Editing

So, you’ve got your big idea. Maybe you’re excited about getting a new blog or newsletter off the ground. Or maybe you have a book you’re planning to write. But you aren’t sure where to start or you need help mapping out a plan. Let’s get your ideas sorted out into actionable steps.

Content Writing

You’re ready to put it all on the page, but you’re not so much with the words. Now what? You hire a content writer, of course! Don’t let a good idea go to waste because you lack the time, interest or skill to express your ideas. Instead, hand them to me and allow me to craft them to fit your vision.

Substantive Line Editing

Nice work. You are all done writing! For now… Line editing is the first read of a manuscript or other text by an editor. This is where larger scale issues with clarity, structure, consistency and organization are addressed. Problem areas will be pointed out and suggestions for changes and rewrites will be given to you.

Copy Editing

You’ve worked with an editor to incorporate big picture changes and you’re satisfied with your rewrites. Now you need someone to go through and catch those smaller errors and inconsistencies throughout the full text. Copy editing will address issues with spelling, capitalization, grammar, word usage, voice, style and more. If applicable, this is the stage where your table of contents, footnotes, references, captions and tables will be checked.


You’re done! The piece is ready to meet its public. But first, you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Proofreading is the final edit of a work that is otherwise ready for publication. This is where any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation that slipped by in copy editing are caught and corrected. Think of proofreading as the final polish before your work walks out the door.

Tip: If you’ve been working with an editor it’s always a good idea to have your proofreader be a separate person or to have the work proofread more than once.


My rates are competitive. They will be tailored to your specific project, so please contact me for more detailed information on pricing. I prefer to bill at a fixed rate rather than an hourly one. This saves you money and allows me to spend as much time as I need to perfect your piece. No project is too large or small for consideration. If you think I can be of service to you, just ask!