With the coming of a new year comes a clean slate. A chance to start over. You could choose any time during the year to make a change or start a goal in your life, but there’s just something about a fresh year that’s satisfying. You could start a new habit in September if you really wanted to, but that’d be like starting a diet on a Friday. It just isn’t done. It doesn’t feel as right.


I talked a little bit on Instagram this past week about how 2016 was the first year that I began tracking the books I was reading and setting goals, monthly, for my reading. This completely transformed the way I was reading and the amount I was reading. I’m so happy that I started this. I’ve only been at it for a few months so far, but with the new year approaching I’d like to start practicing a few other reading habits.



Not only do I want to track and set goals in my reading life this year, but I want to keep notes on what I’m reading, too. I think back to some things I’ve read and remember sort of vague feelings and ideas about it, but those really poignant quotes or plot points totally escape me. I find I connect so much more with what I’m reading when I take the time to talk, think and write about what I’ve read. Starting this year I’m going to be keeping a reading journal so I can find all these thoughts in one spot and develop a deeper relationship with what I’m reading.


In 2016 I was largely reading books from my to-be-read (TBR) list that struck me at the time. At the end of the month, I’d start thinking about what I wanted to read the following month and set a goal of four or more books to get to. There wasn’t anything wrong with this method at all and, in fact, I think it works well to follow what piques your interest at the time. Helps to keep a reading slump at bay! But in 2017, I want to be more active in selecting books that represent diverse voices and perspectives, whether it be works of fiction or non.



This goal requires a little more planning than my previous method allows for. This year, I’ll be attempting to come up with a list of books that form a solid foundation for diversifying my reading. Not only do I want to hear more from voices different from my own, I want to read genres I have yet to explore. This means I’ll be reading AT LEAST ONE romance book this year! Come at me with your suggestions either in the comments, on Instagram or here.


As always, my resolutions for 2017 also include reading more poetry! I really enjoy poetry, but I just don’t reach for it often enough. I’d like to step outside the classics that I stick to in this department as well. Poetry has so much to offer and I’m very much looking forward to digging into the depths I’ve hitherto left unplumbed.



One final resolution? Have fun with my reading. I always do, but with these new goals, I don’t want to get to the point that reading is feeling like a job or chore. First and foremost, I read for enjoyment. And I want to remember that!


So that about covers it! To review, my 2017 reading resolutions are as follows:

  1. Keep notes on what I’m reading in my book journal.
  2. Diversify the genres, authors and characters I’m reading.
  3. Include poetry in my reading.
  4. Remember to have fun!


Do you have some reading resolutions of your own for 2017? Let’s hear ’em!


Happy New Year!




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