Repotting mandrakes in Herbology class with earmuffs on

I had a lot of fun taking and posting photos recently for my Back to Hogwarts Instagram challenge and my DIY Hogwarts Uniform post. But you haven’t seen everything yet! How about a little imaginative stroll (in photos) through a student’s everyday life at Hogwarts?


Getting the right supplies for the start of term is so much fun. Trips to Diagon Alley are always exciting! Not only do you get all your books, robes and whatnot for Hogwarts, but there are so many people to see and hopefully friends to run into. Some of the best wizard snacks can be found there, too. And of course you have to stop at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes!

Hogwarts uniform, textbooks and wand


When the air starts to turn chilly in the fall, it’s time to wrap up in my house scarf, especially outside at the quidditch match! Go, Ravenclaw!

Ravenclaw Hogwarts scarf and student uniform


Madam Malkin’s is the best place to get set up with your school robe and Hogwarts uniform. I don’t much mind wearing them. They’re actually quite comfortable and it’s nice not to have to bother with choosing what to wear everyday. It certainly makes packing light and easy, which means there will be more room for books in my trunk!

Hogwarts School robes and textbooks, inspired by Harry Potter


I love watching quidditch. I’m not much of an athlete myself, but I’d love to play seeker if I had the skill. The development of the game is actually quite intriguing! I’d recommend you read about it if you get the chance. Besides my Ravenclaw team, I support the Wimbourne Wasps.

Hogwarts Ravenclaw scarf and Quidditch book


Working on Transfiguration homework is difficult, but it ends up being some of the most rewarding magic to perform, in the end. Last week I successfully transfigured an umbrella into a lamp!

Doing transfiguration homework at Hogwarts


Some of my favorite spells are things that help me accomplish everyday tasks more quickly and easily. Every morning, my tie takes care of itself with a swish of my wand.

Ravenclaw tie and wand, Hogwarts uniform


Potions is one of the toughest classes for me. It’s not my best subject, but it’s very interesting and can be fun (when you’re not worried about blowing up your cauldron)! It’s similar to cooking, but you must be much more precise with this science.

Reading the potions textbook in my Hogwarts uniform


Repotting mandrakes in Herbology class can be tricky. Even with earmuffs on, the sound of their squeals can still get to you! However, they’re important to keep around in case of petrification!

Repotting mandrakes in Herbology class


Heading down to Care of Magical Creatures. You never really know what you’re going to get in this class, which is exciting, terrifying and sometimes a little gross. But I love animals and learning about them is one of my favorite things. It’s nice to be able to see them up close, but there are some I’d rather not have that privilege for…

Getting ready for Hogwarts


Making a store of pepperup potion before winter hits. Nothing is better for curing a cold! Let me just be sure I’ve gotten the ingredients correct…

Reading Advanced Potion Making in Potions Class


I hope you enjoyed this magical journey!




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