Penguin classics nail art

Some of the most recognizable books out there are the orange covers of the Penguin classics. Recreate a mini version of these iconic covers right on your fingertips! I’ll show you how. 🙂


You’ll Need:
  • orange nail polish
  • cream or off-white nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • clear, masking or nail art tape (optional)
  • super thin brush or toothpick
  • a steady hand




  1. Start by creating an even base with the orange polish.
  2. Once fully dry, place your tape across your nail, leaving a band in the center which you’ll paint off-white. Carefully paint the off-white polish in that section. Let dry. You can definitely freehand this portion as well, but if you’re concerned about getting a crisp line, go with the tape.
  3. Once they have dried fully, carefully peel off the tape. Make any touch-ups that may be needed. Some of your orange polish may come up with the tape, which is okay. Just blot more polish onto those bits. The clear topcoat at the end will smooth it all out.
  4. Once everything you’ve done so far is dry, get out your black polish and the thin brush. Do your best to paint a little teensy penguin shape on the orange part, with the head being closest to the white band. Once it’s dry, you can add the white detail on top.
  5. Scribble a couple of black lines or hash marks across the white band to look like type. Or if you have a REALLY steady hand, try actually painting on the title of a favorite classic. Otherwise just fake it. 🙂
  6. Let dry completely. Seriously, give it a whole day if need be. You don’t want to have the black drag across the rest of the nail, so be sure it’s totally dry! Load up your brush with topcoat and dab it onto the whole nail before dragging it across the whole nail.


Penguin classics cover nail art


Which classic is your favorite? Could you pick? I want to see if you give these a try! Feel free to tag me @caskandquill on Instagram if you share a photo.




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