Glitter nails never fail to be just about the most fun. They’re a real bitch to remove, though, so I don’t use it more than two or three times a year. What better occasion than New Year’s Eve?! It’s the ultimate glitter fabulous day of the year. To get the highest level of sparkle, follow the foolproof recipe I use every year!

Bottom Layer

Find yourself a good, solid silver polish. Something with a little shimmer, but not the big chunks of shine like glitter polish. Pure Ice makes a great one that I use. It can be found for about $2 at the drugstore. This is just going to be the layer under the glitter, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. The money shot is always going to be the glitter, but remember that the brighter the back lighting, the more shine it’s going to bring to the whole ensemble.

Glitter Polish

Next get a blindingly bright glitter polish. I highly recommend Nova by China Glaze. It’s very bright. China Glaze has quite a few variations of glitter polish, so find the one that works best for you. Techno is another one that looks like it will pack a punch. Most of them can be found on Amazon for $6-8.



For getting that stubborn glitter polish off your nails after you’ve finished celebrating, I recommend pouring some of your favorite polish remover into the cap (about halfway) and soaking each nail one by one for a little while before attacking them with a cotton ball or pad.



Let me know how they turn out! Do you have a glitter polish brand or method that you swear by? Enlighten us below!

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