Cinco de Mayo

I rarely need a good excuse to indulge in any sort of Mexican-inspired fare. Tacos and nachos, burritos and taquitos, chimichangas and enchiladas. I love ’em all. As a rule, if it involves cheese, meat and a little spice, I’m into it. Every time Cinco rolls around, I make an extra effort to pack in some of my favorite flavors! I think I’ve eaten nachos or tacos 8 out of the last 10 days. Without really trying. It’s just something I’m almost always in the mood for. For some, it’s pizza. For me, it’s tacos and burritos. Aaaand Thai food, but that’s another story.


This year, I decided to make beergaritas to mark the occasion, but plan to return to them anytime I feel a hankering. Keep reading for the recipe that I used, as well as the details on these magnificent nachos for a crowd. Whether you’re throwing a party or just sitting around with your nearest and dearest (as we were), you’re going to need some killer refreshments. Look no further.







1 large bag of tortilla chips
cheddar cheese, and lots of it (1-2 lbs.)
rotisserie chicken, shredded
1 avocado, sliced
1 can black beans, rinsed
toppings of choice (tomato, olive, jalapeno)
taco seasoning
sour cream



Crank your oven up to 400 F. Gather and prepare whatever toppings you’ve chosen to work with. Get out a baking sheet and toss some parchment paper or foil on it. Sprinkle your WHOLE BAG of chips out onto the sheet. You can use whatever chip speaks to you. We went with strips, which worked out really nicely for getting good cheese coverage. Obviously, you don’t need to pour the whole bag out if you’re making a single serving, so just eyeball it.

On top of your chips, sprinkle as much cheese as you can without feeling disgusted with yourself. So, like, a lot of cheese. Then a couple more sprinkles for good measure. Put the baking sheet into the oven for a few minutes until the cheese has just started to melt. That’ll give you a nice base layer for your nachos.

Next up, get a layer of all the toppings you’ve chosen laid out on top of the cheese. Get a nice even distribution. Be careful, that pan’s still hot! Sprinkle a generous layer of taco seasoning over all.

This should go without saying at this point: MORE CHEESE. The measurement you should use is to keep pouring it on until you can’t comfortably make eye contact with your guests. And if that moment never comes, until the bag’s empty (also, I’d like to be invited to your next party).

Back into the oven! As with many of our recipes, this isn’t an exact science. Keep an eye on your ‘chos and adjust for how done you’d like them.

We served ours with refried beans, cilantro lime rice, salsa and seasoned sour cream (sour cream and Cholula).





Beergarita and Nachos



12 oz can frozen limeade
12 oz tequila
3 12 oz Modelo beers (you can use any type you’d like)
1 or 2 limes
rim salt



This recipe is for a pitcher of beergaritas to share (or not) with friends. Get out said pitcher and pour in the limeade concentrate. Fill the can it came in with the tequila you’ve chosen and dump that in. Crack open 3 beers (Modelo, Corona or something similar is best) and pour those in. Squeeze two lime halves into the pitcher. Stir your witch’s brew and get some ice in there. Salt the rim of your glass, add some ice and pour away! Delicious!




Let me know how they turn out! Do you have a favorite Mexican-inspired dish?


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