The Silmarillion cover and ear buds

Recently, I talked to you about how literary ambient sounds can be a real spoonful of sugar, so to speak, when it comes to dealing with the tedium of reality. Not to mention, they can really do something special for a reading session! Find the original post here: Literary Ambient Noises Will Make Your Life More Fun. Huge update for you on this front!

While I still love the YouTube videos I talked about before and will continue to use them, I now have a new obsession. Check out the site Unfortunately, these may not work on your phone, so use a computer if you have one handy. It is similar to the YouTube videos, except you can customize them and even create your own from scratch if you want! There are quite a few already created that cater to a number of books and fandoms.

I’ve found that if I’m really trying to create a certain reading ambiance, I can play a related soundtrack at the same time. That way there’s a little background ambiance along with a soundtrack that I already have ALL the feelings tied to. All I need to do then is light one of my literary candles to be completely transported! It’s like virtual reality for book lovers. 🙂 Use them while you’re reading, working, studying, etc. Just about anything becomes more exciting when you add in a little literary magic!


Reading a seafaring story? Get the sounds of a creaking ship at sea. Sprinkle in a Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack to taste.

Doing a little bit of studying or general reading? Set yourself up with one of the many Hogwarts common rooms: Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor. Throw on the Sorcerer’s Stone soundtrack to bring it to the next level.

Working through the Silmarillion like me? Or perhaps some other Tolkien? Get the ambient sounds of Rivendell, Edoras or Bag End going and pop on a sound track from one of the films.

Tough day at work? Don’t just sit there on the train listening to someone’s screaming child… Climb aboard the Hogwarts Express for your commute home!

Find yourself in a bustling King’s Landing, the Scottish highlands during a thunderstorm or anywhere else you can dream up! No matter what you’re reading or doing, ambient sounds can help to immerse you in the experience. Or just drown out your neighbor’s cat.


Give it a try and let me know what combinations you come up with!


What do you like to do or listen to while you’re reading?







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2 thoughts on “More Ambient Sounds to Listen to While Reading”

  1. Another one I really like is I think it has that same vibe as ambient-mixer. I don’t know if it works on phones either, I always listen on my computer, but I think it’s neat!

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