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Cask & Quill is a literary lifestyle blog. It is my goal here to help and encourage you to live a literary life! But what on Earth is a literary life, anyway?

To me, living a literary life means deepening your relationship with books and reading by setting an intention to enrich your life with literary elements as often as possible. In short, getting more out of the books we read.

Reading gives book lovers a chance to indulge in one of their great passions. There’s nothing like retreating to the open arms of a book, especially when the day gets long. But a literary life goes beyond reading a chapter before bed every night. Most people are busy and, whether or not we have time to read everyday, life can get monotonous and dull. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to inject a bit of that wonderful feeling we get from reading into each day?

There are countless ways to cultivate your own literary life. There’s no wrong way to do it! Check out this 30-day literary life challenge I hosted in April 2017 (and even try the challenge!) for a few starter ideas. Imagine yourself pulling out a calendar and simply dusting a bit of literary magic into each day. Doesn’t that sound nice? Use this website as a means to get inspired!

You’ll notice that Cask & Quill is broken into four main menu categories. Each is an activity: Read. Devour. Muse. Adorn. These broadly encompass just some of the ways that you can bring literature into daily life.



This category is all about books and literature and the different ways we can enjoy it. Here is where I’ll keep you updated on what I’ve been reading and where I’ll make suggestions to you for books, literary podcasts and products I’ve been loving.



Yes, this category is as delicious as it sounds. Food and drink recipes from or inspired by books. Literary-themed party menus. Wine pairings for your books. Don’t look through this category if you’re a hungry hobbit!



Ah, writing. Without it, we’d have nothing to read! Not even the backs of medicine bottles on the toilet. This category is devoted to everything writing. You’ll find writing prompts (join me each month for Writing Wednesday!), tips on keeping a reading journal and more.



This category is all about adorning yourself and your home in literature. Book-inspired nail art. Literary-themed party ideas and DIY projects. Bookish clothing and literary costumes. Home decor. Bookish product recommendations.