You’re probably familiar with videos or audio tracks of soothing nature sounds. Ocean waves. Soft rain. Whale sounds, and the like. These are great for relaxation, studying or to help you get to sleep. Anytime you need a little background noise, really.

I’m here to introduce you to my favorite ambient videos on YouTube. And you know darn well they’re going to be literary-themed. I love putting these on in the background when I’m working, reading, falling asleep or anytime I need something to drown out other noise. Pick one out that fits your mood or what you’re reading! Sometimes it’s fun just to throw them on and imagine yourself wandering around in a favorite literary setting. Let me tell you, work is a lot more enjoyable when you’re sitting in the Hogwarts library! And cleaning the kitchen gets a little less tedious if you’re helping out in The Green Dragon. Let’s face it, reality sometimes sucks. With a little imagination, we can make it more fun! Consider these videos your spoonful of sugar. 🙂


My favorite channel for these videos is ASMR Rooms. They all have an inviting little scene that goes with the audio, which is a cute touch. Most of the ones I’ve linked below are from this channel and there are many more there to explore.


Gryffindor Common Room

Hogwarts Library

The Burrow

Green Dragon Inn

Hogwarts Express


I’m listening to this one as I’m writing this and relaxing by a forest stream with my unicorn friend while fairies braid flowers into my hair:

Forest Creek Sounds


Do you listen to ambient music or videos? Link some of your favorites below!




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