National Library Week

National Library Week has got me thinking about all the ways I have been grateful for libraries and books in my own life. From learning to use the Dewey Decimal System to binge-reading Goosebumps books, I have many memories from the libraries of my youth. For most of my life, I have been the proud owner of a library card and I use it regularly to this day.



Libraries now have many services that go beyond simply loaning books. Videos, audio books and e-books are now regularly available to borrow. In many cases these are downloaded online and don’t even require a trip to the library’s physical location. Classes, book readings, children’s programs, career services, genealogy resources and computer and homework help are just a few of the many other services that may be available at a library near you.


Drop by your library this week and take a look at what’s new. If you don’t get the chance, check out their website. See what programs and services interest you. Check out and read an e-book, if possible! Donate unwanted books from your collection to your local library so someone else can enjoy them.


As an English major and avid book reader, it’s often hard for me to stay quiet about the virtues of reading and being read to. It’s a topic I’m passionate about as I’ve gained so much from reading, particularly as a child, in life.


Children’s literacy is so critical. This week provides a great reminder of the importance of reading in education and development. Read a book to a child this week. Get involved with a literacy program near you. If you need help locating one, take a look at America’s Literacy Directory to find something!


At the Humane Society of Missouri, a new program called Shelter Buddies was started to help both children and shy or anxious hopeful pets. Children practice reading books aloud to dogs who are anxious around people, helping them acclimate to human presence and giving the kids a respectful audience. Yeah, it’s absolutely as adorable as it sounds. Check out the full Shelter Buddies Reading Program story and photos. Call or visit your local shelter to see if they’d be willing to try something similar!




What do you love about your library?



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