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By now you’ve probably become familiar with the Danish term “hygge.” In short, it is a way to name a moment that is cozy, warm and content. During the fall and winter months, hygge almost comes naturally. I live in a place that gets cold and snowy in the winter. We spend a lot of time indoors, cozied up and enjoying time with friends and family (and okay, Netflix). But what about the summer months? Is it too hot to hygge? Of course not!

Hygge can be anything that gives you that special, contended feeling. You don’t need thick wool socks to experience it (though they certainly help). I’ve collected some ideas to get you thinking about how you’ll enjoy these moments more when it’s warm out. When you think of summer, you probably think of long days spent enjoying the warmth and sunshine. That’s hygge!


Fairy Lights

There’s probably no quicker way to create a cozy atmosphere than turning on some fairy lights. Their warm glow adds a touch of the ethereal to any room in the instant it takes to switch them on. Bring them outside into the garden during a party, wrap them around a scented candle for decor or use them to soften the light in the evening.

Frostbeard candle, new paperback with fairy lights




There’s no reason you can’t still enjoy tea in the warmer months! Even if you don’t want to drink it hot, enjoy it iced instead! Iced coffee and iced tea are perfect ways to enjoy a favorite drink, while still being refreshed in the heat of summer.

strawberry basil vodka iced tea, Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts tea party


Linen Clothing

Flowy, breathable linen is one of the best ways to keep cool in the summer. It’s soft on the skin as well, making it an extra cozy fabric to wear. Naturally, we tend to wear less in the summer to stay cool, but the extra surface area of linen is especially nice at the beach or on summer evenings when it gets a little chilly. The linen will help keep the sun or chill breeze off your skin.

linen shirt


Light Blankets

Similar to linen, light blankets are a great way to stay cozy while also keeping cool. This is no time for the big fleece blankets or heavy quilts of the cooler months. A light blanket is perfect to cuddle up with or to lightly keep you warm at night. Some can double as a wrap or blanket for the beach or a picnic, too!

light-weight blanket with tea and book


Wine Tasting

Summer is a great time for wine. I personally prefer red year round, but whites and rosés rule the season. Find a vineyard to have a tasting at. Or, for a more DIY approach, pick up a few interesting bottles from the store and invite some friends over for your own private wine tasting. If beer is more your speed, you can do the same with a few different six packs or samplers. Keep it casual, or take and compare notes. You might even discover a new favorite!

red wine tasting


Reading Outside

At the beach, the park or in the backyard… Reading outside is such a luxury, especially for those of us who enjoy (endure?) long winters. Spreading a towel or blanket out on the grass or sand and reading the day away is a simple and peaceful way to invite a little hygge into your life. If you’re lucky enough to have a hammock…you know what to do.

Othello, Shakespeare, reading in the grass with a blanket


Outdoor Parties

When the weather is nice, it only makes sense to get outside as much as possible. Entertaining outside is a fun way to do that! For those of us who have snow several months of the year, sitting outside with friends or family to enjoy a meal, a bonfire or cocktail is a real novelty! Invite your book club over for a tea party in your backyard. Host a potluck in a park. Or enjoy a picnic with a friend or your significant other.

Alice in Wonderland, Queen of Hearts tea party



Like fairy lights, candles are one of the other easy ways to create a hygge vibe instantly. Enjoy them inside on a rainy day while sharing tea with a friend or reading. Or bring them outside for your garden party or backyard barbecue! If you’re bringing candles outside, don’t waste your nice scented ones that aren’t very strong. They’ll look pretty, but if you can’t smell them anyway pick up some cheaper unscented ones to create your cozy ambiance. Better yet, grab some of those citronella ones that keep the mosquitos at bay!

Midsummer Night's Dream, Frostbeard bookish candle



What ways can you think of to create a cozy, hygge atmosphere in the summer?




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