How I spent Mother's Day this year [2016]

I always like to spend a little time with my mom on mother’s day. I know, I know. Weird, right? But it’s actually a nice way to celebrate the day. In the past we’ve gone out to eat, watched movies or just aimlessly spent time chatting or crafting.


This year I wanted to do something a little different and maybe give my mom an experience she hadn’t had before. It ended up working out really well and she had a marvelous time! I knew I wanted to take her somewhere new, paint her nails and spend time outside since the forecast looked lovely. I settled on bringing her to one of my favorite breweries in the area, which has big garage doors on the front and outdoor seating. So lots of fresh air!


After coming up with the idea, I got started and made this little invite to send her. She graciously accepted!


mother's day invitation


When the day arrived, Nick and I met up with her and we all drove the short distance over to Bad Weather Brewing Company together. All sunny spots were taken by the time we arrived, but we found a nice quiet spot right near one of the large doors and set up camp.


growler from bad weather brewing


I helped Mom order a flight of beers I thought she might enjoy. She had a lot of questions about the beers and how breweries work and we sat and chatted while she sampled her flight.


mom's flight at the brewery


As promised, I got out my nail polishes and discussed what nail design she’d like me to do. We were running a little short on time and settled on a solid color. I talked her into trying just a plain black nail. She agreed! I used to wear black nail polish quite often in high school and it’s still my favorite neutral. My mom was never a fan and didn’t see the beauty of it. It really grew on her as I was painting it on. Surprisingly, she’s still really loving her brand new manicure. It was a day of firsts!


mom's black mother's day manicure


All in all, she really enjoyed her first brewery experience! I was happy to spend some quality time with my mom and was thrilled that she enjoyed the day I put together for her.


Anna and Mom on Mother's Day


If you live or are visiting the Twin Cities, Bad Weather Brewing is a great spot to spend a quiet afternoon in St. Paul. I almost hesitate to tell anyone about it, but no one reads this blog yet. 🙂


beer from Bad Weather


They’ve got a large and ever-changing selection of beers for every type of drinker and even a couple of nonalcoholic sodas. The atmosphere is friendly, open and kinda nerdy. There are several wonderful restaurants nearby that will deliver snacks right to you. I highly recommend checking it out!




How did you celebrate Mother’s Day with your family this year?


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