As a Minnesotan and resident of Minneapolis, the recent passing of Prince has been impossible not to notice. While never my favorite artist, I have had a lifelong appreciation for this man. Some of that appreciation stems simply from the fact that he was a hometown kid. Arguably, Minnesota’s most famous artist. Prince chose to stay and live here. That means something to those of us who also choose to live here.



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As we are all human, there will always be negative things that can be remembered about each of us. In times like this, however, I prefer to find the things I admire about someone’s life and focus on what those things taught (or have yet to teach) me about bettering myself and our world. It’s not only a sign of respect for someone who has passed, but an opportunity to acknowledge the humanness that binds us all together. We are all flawed, but we all have something to teach and to learn from each other. It’s easy to point out the attributes we don’t want to emulate, but much harder to emulate the traits we applaud.



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Prince showed us that there are ways to stand up for the things you believe in, even when you’re alone. That it’s possible to use whatever platform you have to push for the changes you feel are right. That it’s important to be who you are, regardless of what others will think or say about you. These ideas are all impressed upon us from an early age. It’s something else to actually see someone in the public eye living them.



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One person’s reaction to Prince’s death struck a chord with me and many others. Her statement is incredibly true and encompasses how I feel about the celebrities we’ve lost and the works that they leave behind. Sometimes we might feel silly for feeling someone’s loss so deeply when we never knew or even met them. It’s not our memories of them as acquaintances that touch us, but rather our memories of what they or their work did for us.




As a memorial, flowers, balloons, cards, artwork, guitars and ribbons cover hundreds of feet of fence surrounding Paisley Park. Minnesota’s response to Prince’s passing has shown how much he and his music meant to so many local people. Prince’s star at First Avenue is encircled by photos and written sentiments above heaps of flowers and other offerings. He will be missed here.



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Similarly, seeing the world’s reaction to the loss of Prince has been very touching. I had always known that his music was known around the world, but I was not ready for the global response to mirror that of the people of Minnesota. It was inspiring to see just how far his music and his influence has reached.



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As an artistic, this experience has reminded me of many aspects of creativity that I often let fall to the background. So often, when we see the successes of others, we assume our goals are unattainable. But remembering that we all start somewhere is a powerful tool. Hard work and perseverance is integral to reaching those goals. And no, not everyone becomes a rock star or hits the bestseller list. And those that do don’t get there just because of a little elbow grease. Natural talent, networking and a whole lot of luck are also big factors. Even then, you may fall short of your dream. Rediscovering why you are pursuing a creative goal and what you love about the work you are doing can breathe life into an otherwise waning passion. The only way we get better is to keep working and keep trying. With any luck, we continue to evolve over our entire lifetimes. Our creative selves are no different. Our tastes and styles will fluctuate, we will discover what works for us (and what doesn’t) and we will learn what things are most important to us.



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Prince has a family. And friends. Not just fans. There are people that will mourn him not as an artist, but as someone very near and dear to them. Take the time to appreciate your own family and friends today (and everyday). It could be as simple as sending a nice text to a friend, or calling a parent to talk about the day or giving an extra hug to a loved one. We don’t know when some of those wonderful people might suddenly disappear from our lives or vice versa. Let’s allow these moments to serve as a reminder to make the most of the time we have together.



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