We book lovers are a special breed, it’s true. And, of course, there is nothing we love more than receiving books for gifts at birthdays and other holidays. But maybe you’re not sure what to get your book lover, or you need a companion gift to the book you’ve gotten, or you want to get something a little different this year. Whether you’re shopping for someone dear to you or you need some last-minute ideas for your own list, check out the list below for gifts any book nerd would be thrilled to receive.


Book-Themed Candle $18

Though there have been many great iterations, Frostbeard Studio‘s candles are my very favorite. They’re local to me here in Minneapolis and they’re pretty much the OG of bookish candles. Their unique scents are so perfect and the packaging is so simple and adorably nerdy. They’ve always got a hefty stock of Harry Potter candles, but the collection by no means ends there. My favorite is Headmaster’s Office. Such a magical scent! If you like the smell of musty books, I suggest Book Cellar (my other favorite). You can find something for many fandoms and classics, just be sure to order soon as the cutoff date for U.S. orders before Christmas 2016 is December 18.


Book Page Jewelry $19+

Do you know someone who wears their love of books on their sleeve? I’ll bet they’d also love to wear it on their finger, neck or wrist! Find a piece of bookish jewelry that references your special person’s favorite book(s) and he or she can display their love of books to the world! Authored Adornments offers handmade necklaces, rings, cuff links and more with a few words from many well-loved classics. Odds are you’ll be able to find something perfect that will feel personalized and fashionably unique.


Harry Potter Time Turner Necklace $9+

Speaking of bookish jewelry, if you know a fan of Harry Potter (and I think we all do) pick up a duplicate of Hermione’s time turner necklace! You can’t go wrong here. Whether your Potterhead wears it daily or displays it on a shelf, a time turner necklace is the ultimate piece of Potter jewelry. Well, maybe pick up some radish earrings while you’re at it…


Hogwarts House Scarf $25

And while we’re on the topic of Potter wearables, a scarf in your book enthusiast’s house colors is the perfect winter gift! Even if it doesn’t get cold in your part of the world, I assure you that that magical scarf will be getting some serious use!


e-Reader $80+

Do you know a book lover who commutes via public transport or travels often? A Kindle, Nook or iPad Mini might be just the thing! It’s nice to read while you ride, but books can be heavy or bulky to carry around each day. An e-reader allows you to tuck thousands of books in your bag easily, all at once! Since they have a lighted screen they also allow for reading in low or no light.


Book Bag or Cover $20+

If the person you have in mind is a purist (and, believe me, I understand) a book bag or protective book cover might be more appropriate for commuting. That way they have a special spot for their book where it’ll keep it safe from the elements and bent corners. There are many book-themed options available so you’ll find a design your person will adore. Pogtotes on Etsy has bags and covers in many sizes and in really cute patterns. This is also a great choice for someone who already has an e-reader, but would like a cover or protective bag.


Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurine $9+

These little collectible cuties are all the rage in the book community these days and you can see why! There are tons of book, movie and TV characters to choose from so you can select your book lover’s favorite. Be careful, one is rarely enough! You may start a gift-giving tradition!


Notebook $20

Many readers are also writers, but even if your reader isn’t he or she might still like to keep a book journal. Readers can record a list of books read, a list of books to read or buy and thoughts about all of the above in any blank notebook. Pick up a nice one and consider decorating the front page or writing a personal note on the inside cover to make it extra special. I recommend a softcover Moleskine classic in size A5. It’s the perfect size for jotting down notes and keeping long lists and its quality softcover lasts a long time while being flexible and light enough to carry around.


Bookmark Set $5  (Great last-minute gift!)

If you’re a reader, you know that any scrap of receipt paper, movie ticket or junk mail can and will serve as a bookmark. But, if you’ve got one, a beautiful bookmark can really enhance the reading experience! Check out these great bookmarks from MirkwoodScribes or SJWonderlandz on Etsy! They are so cute, they have a variety of designs and, best of all, you can purchase the digital file and print them yourself! No need to wait or pay for shipping, just print them out on some nice card stock and cut them out. You can laminate them if you choose, but I actually prefer them without. Couldn’t be easier!


Book-Themed Coloring Book $7+

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from reading and unwind with a little coloring! That doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favorite books and characters though! There are tons of adult coloring books out there to choose from and many are book-themed, such as the ones for Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. You can find them on Amazon, at Target, Barnes & Noble and craft shops. A nice set of colored pencils would go really well with this. That way the gift receiver doesn’t have to waste a single moment before getting started!


I hope you find these book-themed gift ideas helpful! Please let us know below if you have any other good ones to add to the list! 


Happy shopping!





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