Frankenstein's monster nails

Okay, we’re getting fully into the Halloween season now, folks. Some of you may know that Frankenstein is my favorite book. I could talk about it for ages. Instead, today I’m sharing a suuuuper easy nail design inspired by the Creature. This would be a perfect design for any beginner to nail art. In fact, the messier it gets, the better it is for this one. 🙂


Frankenstein's Monster Nails


  • green nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • thin brush, toothpick or nail stylus


  1. Start with a solid green base. Allow time for it to dry. I like to put a top coat on top of my base color to prevent colors running together later, but that's an optional step.

  2. Once the base is dry, carefully draw random lines in black using a small brush or stylus. Leave enough room between them to add in the stitches. Allow a little time for them to dry.

  3. Draw two or three lines running perpendicular to the first lines you've drawn to create little stitches. Allow drying time and finish with a top coat!

Frankenstein nail art


And that’s it! Pretty easy, no? Just a fun way to celebrate classic horror this Halloween season. For more classic horror nails, check out these bloody Dracula nails.

Have a spooky day!




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