Easy Easter Peep Nails

Spring is in the air. Easter is nearly here. It’s time to break out all the bright colors and pastels and dresses you’re still shivering in because it’s not quite warm enough for them yet. This is the first year I’ve done anything special for Easter nail art, which is kind of shocking. But these cute little peeps are so easy and adorable that I had to share them. This is a great design for beginner nail artists. Read on!

You’ll need:

  • yellow polish
  • orange polish
  • black polish
  • nail art tool or stylus


  1. This one should be pretty simple! Start with a clear base and a nice coat or two of yellow. Let that dry.
  2. Using your stylus or miscellaneous tool, dot on two black eyes for each of your baby chicks.
  3. Same idea here. Tiny orange triangles for the beaks. Let those dry a good while. Black especially is easy to have smear onto yellow!
  4. Once dry, add a nice top coat. I recommend getting a good amount on your brush and then dabbing or patting it onto the face area at first rather than dragging the brush all the way across the nail. This helps create a bit of a barrier between the polish and your brush and minimizes streaking.

Easy Peasy Easter Peep Nails

The yellow I used is Lightening by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which looks bright and fun. I could also see this working well with a softer yellow or a mix of other bright Easter colors.



Have your own Easter nail idea? Let’s hear about it!


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