Dragon Egg Nails, Game of Thrones

Are you a mother of dragons? You will be now! Here’s how to make your nails resemble dragon eggs like those that Daenerys is given for her wedding to Khal Drogo.


Dragon Egg Nails, Game of Thrones


What You’ll Need:
  • 2 colors of nail polish (I went with green and bronze)
  • toothpick or nail stylus
  1. Start out with an even coating of your base color. Choose the one that you want to show less of (between the scales). Let it dry solidly. Make sure to give it enough time to completely harden.
  2. Paint on one coat of the top color to evenly cover the base color.
  3. Working quickly, use your toothpick to draw the textured scales that create the desired dragon egg look.
  4. Let them dry completely and leave them as is for more texture or finish with a top coat. Use a matte top coat for a more realistic look.


Dragon Egg Nails, A Dance With Dragons


Happy painting!




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