Dracula fang and blood nail art

I finally got around to reading Dracula this October. What took me so long?! I loved it. I’ll say a bit more about it in my October wrap-up post this week, but let’s just say I definitely recommend it if you’ve been putting it off, as I was.

These nails are honestly so fun to do. You get to be sloppy and make a mess, something that really takes no skill at all! I chose to accent with a set of fangs with blood dripping from them. That part definitely is tricky, so if that seems like a bit much, just stick with the bloody nails.


Bloody Dracula Nails


  • white nail polish
  • red nail polish (one or more shade)
  • black nail polish
  • small brush, toothpick or nail stylus


  1. Start with a white base on all nails except the one (or more) that you plan to do fangs on. That one should be a black base. Allow that to dry!
  2. Next, haphazardly slap on your red polish in streaks. I actually used a bright red and a dark red underneath to create more of a 3D look. Or like some of the blood was thicker or drier. You can certainly just use one color of red. Whatever you’ve got! It helps to use really small dabs with the brush so that you don’t get too much polish spread out. You want it to look streaky. Allowing your brush to dry a bit or using only a very sparse amount helps to create some texture.
  3. If you’re doing a fang nail, load up a very thin brush with a lot of white polish and, working in very small and delicate strokes, paint on a strip of teeth along the edge of the nail. Using the same technique, paint on the two pointy fangs on either side.
  4. Once the fangs dry, switch over to red polish and paint on some blood dripping from them, if you choose.
  5. DON’T put a topcoat over the bloody nails! I know, I’m normally a huge proponent of a topcoat, but in this case you want to retain that texture and messy look. A topcoat will smooth everything out and ruin the effect. But do feel free to use it on the nail with the fangs. 🙂


Happy Halloween, friends!



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