DIY Hogwarts School Uniform

It’s nearly time to go back to Hogwarts again for another school year! There’s a bit of crisp air creeping into the mornings, leaves are just beginning to turn gold and the quidditch pitch is calling.


Ravenclaw tie and wand, Hogwarts uniform


Naturally, this typically necessitates a visit to Diagon Alley for all the essentials before the start of term. However, you don’t have to head to Madam Malkin’s to get your Hogwarts uniform this year. I’ll show you how to put together your uniform using items you probably already have in your closet! You’ll be ready for the new school year in no time!


DIY Hogwarts wizard uniform


You’ll Need:
  • white collared shirt
  • grey sweater or cardigan
  • grey or black pants or skirt
  • knee socks or tights (with skirt)
  • necktie in your house colors
  • grey or black oxfords or other flat shoes
  • black graduation robe (optional)


Boarding the Hogwarts Express with a DIY uniform


I’m a Ravenclaw, so my tie is blue and bronze. What color will your tie be?


Ravenclaw tie for DIY Hogwarts uniform


September 1 never fails to remind me of these sage words from one of the most brilliant wizards to ever wield a wand:

“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” – Albus Dumbledore


Hogwarts school robes DIY


If you happen to have a muggle graduation robe or are able to find one at what is known as a thrift shop, it will work perfectly as your school robe.


Hogwarts School robes and textbooks, inspired by Harry Potter


Check out the uniform in action on my YouTube channel!



Now you’re ready to head to Hogwarts for another year of magical learning!


Reading the potions textbook in my Hogwarts uniform


Don’t forget to participate in the #QuillClub Back to Hogwarts photo challenge on Instagram September 1-7! We’re young witches and wizards off to another magical year at Hogwarts… Here are the prompts on Instagram.

Be sure to tell me in the comments if you’re planning to join in! And tell me what house you belong to!


DIY Hogwarts uniform


Have an excellent school year!




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