Cask & Quill Book Club 1984

April is nearing an end and I’ve decided to invite you all to read another book from my 30×30 list with me in May! I held a poll on Instagram to see what book people would be most interested in reading next month. The choice was between 1984, by George Orwell, and Beloved, by Toni Morrison. About 73% wanted to go with 1984 this time, so that’s what we’ll do!

If you would like to join us in reading, please do! You can join by joining the Cask & Quill Book Club group on Goodreads, where most of the discussions will be held. And you can also participate by posting on Instagram, tagging me in your 1984 post and by commenting on mine. Use the tag #quillclub to find what other readers are thinking, too!


You’ve got some time to pick up a copy from the library or bookstore! Let me know below if you’re interested in reading along. I hope to see you on Goodreads, and please feel welcome to add me as a friend there.


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