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What a year, folks. I still can’t believe it’s nearly over! I’ve said it about 87 times, but I feel like I was watching this year on 1.5x. For me personally, it’s been full of a lot of ups and a lot of downs. But that’s life, eh? Probably the same for you!

I can say that 2017 for Cask & Quill was mostly ups! So much has happened over the past year and, looking back, I packed a lot of great stuff in during it! I want to share some highlights as well as some of the most popular posts from 2017!


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2017 Highlights

I have gotten to know SO MANY amazing people this year. Before stumbling across Bookstagram in the summer of 2016, I had NO idea such a community existed. (There are still so many that have no idea, poor souls!) This year in particular, I have formed so many important bonds and friendships with people who share one of my biggest interests. I’m sure many of you are reading this now and I am so grateful for having the chance to know you!


That being said, one of the most impactful bonds I’ve established this year was with my own personal fellowship, the #TolkienTribe! I knew some of these wonderful individuals before, but at the very start of January, we started a group chat devoted to Tolkien fandom and never looked back. Since then, the #TolkienTribe has grown to include so many more than just those 16 group chat members. The original Tribe are some of my closest friends and after this year I can no longer picture my life without them…but the way the community has grown up around us has been truly inspiring! We have a lot more planned for 2018, so stick around and follow the hashtag on Instagram if you’re a Tolkien fan!


In May, I reached a big milestone on Instagram: 1,000 followers! To celebrate I hosted my first giveaway and loved having the chance to thank my followers in some way. It was a surreal moment and I remember I could hardly believe there were more than 1,000 of you out there that cared to see me rambling on about books everyday. I still have trouble believing this and now there are well over 3,000 of you!


For about half of the year, I hosted #QuillClub challenges through the Cask & Quill Instagram account. These were one-week themed challenges that took place at the beginning of each month. We did Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, sci-fi and fantasy, adventure and Shakespeare. Other projects and life events got in the way of continuing these, but they were a lot of fun to put together! I’m not planning to bring these back anytime soon, but if you think I should reconsider, let me know! I promise I’ll think about it…


Pottermore started the Wizarding World Book Club on Twitter in June and I got to know some really great Potter fans through that little Friday morning ritual. I urge you to check it out if you haven’t yet! There are a lot of incredible discussions had and it’s not too late to jump in!


This summer I started a YouTube channel! Unfortunately, it was tough for me to keep up with it given some life events during the late summer and fall. But some changes are coming to Cask & Quill in 2018 and I plan on reviving it then! Go ahead and subscribe now so you don’t miss the resurrection!


Come July, I had a birthday! It was so fun celebrating it online for the first time. I received all kinds of cards and birthday wishes from all around the world and it truly was an incredible experience. Of course it helped that Game of Thrones came back on that day, too. Thank you all again for wishing me a nice birthday!


In September, I celebrated one year on Bookstagram with another giveaway and also hosted a Lord of the Rings watch-along online. It was so much fun and everyone that participated had a total blast. I am definitely planning on hosting similar events in the future. It’s just a great chance for people around the world to watch a movie together and laugh and cry over all their favorite parts at the same time. Keep your eyes peeled for updates, probably in March if not sooner!


This fall, I had the great honor to become a brand rep for my dear friend Lauren’s shop, In The Reads. If you like what I do, you will probably be interested in her stuff, too! I’ve had a great time getting to know the In The Reads rep team and taking pictures of Lauren’s beautiful maps and bookmarks. What a fun experience! By the way, if you want to pick up something from her shop, use the code QUILL10 at checkout to save 10%.


One of the biggest things to happen for Cask & Quill this year happened right at the end: launching the Cask & Quill shop! It’s full of all your nerdy home goods and literary lifestyle wares. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go take a look. I’ve got prints, mugs, coasters and a tote bag listed right now, with more items on the way! I’m really excited to share my passion for books and art with you all in this way.



I remember not all that long ago when I was on here writing to no one, expecting no one might read this unless a small miracle were to occur. Now, I have a dedicated group of wonderful readers and followers that inspire me each day. My #QuillClub! Thank you all for supporting me during this little website’s journey and coming along for the ride! I hope you’ll stick around for 2018’s adventure!


Happy Holidays!




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