Tolkien Giveaway at Cask & Quill

The #TolkienTribe is celebrating #TolkienWeek and #HobbitDay (Sept. 22) this week on Instagram! Frodo and Bilbo Baggins share a birthday and it is the custom of hobbits to giveaway gifts on their own birthdays. The #TolkienTribe is doing it in their honor this year! There are ten different Tolkien giveaways to enter and this one is mine! I get asked about this lovely set all the time and am excited to be giving one away to a lucky follower! Keep reading for instructions on entering!

You’ll Win:

Deluxe pocket box set edition of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien

How to Enter:
  1. Be sure you’re following me on Instagram.
  2. Like the giveaway photo on Instagram.
  3. Comment on the giveaway photo, tagging 3 friends who might be interested on Instagram.

The giveaway will be open now until noon CDT on Friday, September 22.

For Extra Entries:
  • For 1 extra entry, tag an additional 3 friends in a separate comment on the giveaway photo (you can do this once).
  • For 1 extra entry, follow my blog via WordPress or email. Comment on my giveaway blog post with your Instagram handle, so I know who you are!* Make sure to read the confirmation email you receive to confirm your subscription!
  • For 1 extra entry, share the Instagram giveaway photo in your Insta-story during the giveaway period and tag me (you can do this once).

*If you are already following my blog (thank you!) and would like an extra entry, please leave a comment on this giveaway blog post below with your Instagram handle, so I can be sure to count you.

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram. By entering, you confirm you are 13+ years of age, have permission to share your address and you release Instagram of any responsibility.

That’s it! Thank you so much for celebrating with me!



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159 thoughts on “#BagginsBirthdayBash Giveaway!”

  1. This set looks absolutely gorgeous 😍 I hope I get lucky because I don’t own these books (I read them at the library). Thanks for another amazing giveaway. I’m @bookishspell at instagram. 😊

  2. Hi Anna. My name on instagram is eirepmabjj. We’ve messaged so you’ll find me easily if I’m lucky enough to win! Happy Sunday.

  3. Hi, Anna! My IG is @gabrielen13
    I’m really excited, I’ve always wanted those books, they’re really beautiful, and I don’t have Professor Tolkien’s books (although he’s my favorite writer 🙁 …), so I’m very excited about winning them, thank you so much for the opportunity. <3

  4. Hello, Anna! Love supporting fellow members of the #tolkientribe!! 💚 Also, would LOVE to win the books! 📚 Insta: @verochantele

  5. I absolutely love how these books look like! If I win, people will get tired of me posting about them😂😂😂 by the way, I’m laura_fc14 and I already suscribed hahahh

  6. Yey, I’ve finally discovered your blog Anna, and…wow! It’s full of interesting articles that I have to read immediately! Love it sooo much! ♥ I’m Debora, from the Instagram account @emporiodiniere. I’m looking forward to see your next posts! Have a nice day 🙂 (and fingers crossed for the giveaway!)

  7. Hi :3 I’m Ángela and my Instagram account is @xnienna. I’m in love with Tolkien’s books since I read it and this is awesome😊
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!💙🌿
    By the way, I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m loving it so much. Its so interesting and amazing♡

      1. Hey Anna, I’m actually having an error trying to subscribe to Cask & Quill on here. It will say I’m subcribed, but then 5 seconds later it pops up an error: Sorry, there was a problem following”. Has anyone else told you this?

        1. I haven’t heard that, no! Sorry to hear it! It shows you as a follower via wordpress, but not email, so at least I have you on my end. Not sure what’s up with that?!

      1. Hey Anna. I reached out to support, this is what they said just so you know-
        “It looks like she has a self-hosted site but uses the Jetpack plugin to allow you to subscribe from That there’s a different site name in the error is interesting!
        Are you following by adding your email or clicking the blue follow button on her site at Clicking that blue follow button worked on my end.

        The button from the feed you gave did not. Her recent posts aren’t updating there either, and it looks like they’re from her old site. I suggest having her reconnect Jetpack to try to get that working again.”

        So it appears your WordPress link through Jetpack won’t allow users to ‘Follow’ you, just FYI if this helps in anyway.

        1. Can I ask where you’re accessing my site from? Many people follow via WordPress without issue, so I’m just wondering what “the feed you gave” mentioned from support is so I can try to locate the problem.

        2. I’m not sure why WordPress reader only shows my older posts from my old site. If you’d like to follow via WordPress, visit my site and press the blue WP follow button in the sidebar. That should work for you, but trying to follow from WP reader will not for whatever reason. Thanks!

          1. Yes I tried following via WordPress itself. It does only show the older posts. I was able to subscribe just now through your website, I never noticed (just under the email subscribe link) the follow option, but it worked now that way!
            WordPress replied & said you would need to update it on your end in order for new posts to show, something about Jetpack?

          2. I tried that earlier and no luck! I looked into it and found many people have this issue when they change site domains and it seems to be something on WP’s end that apparently they can do nothing about. The advice was to direct people to follow directly via the website. Sorry again for your inconvenience and thanks for bearing with me thru this! At least now I’ll know if it comes up again. 🙂

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